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We help governments put more money into programmes that create an inclusive society.

About Cornerstone

We help governments put more money into programmes that create an inclusive society. Through research and training, we empower those responsible for making strategic decisions to develop and implement sustainable policies and programmes to overcome the challenges of social and economic exclusion, and inequality. 

Our Vision and Mission

To empower those responsible for making strategic decisions to implement sustainable policies and programmes that overcome the challenges of social and economic exclusion, and inequality.

Our Capabilities

We have a broad and deep understanding of complex developmental challenges, and first-hand experience from within government of the policy development and implementation processes.

We approach problems and solutions from an institutional-systems perspective – always recognising the relevant social-fiscal-legal-institutional environment.

We combine innovation and common sense, supported by strong quantitative modelling, writing and presentation skills.

We make recommendations that are practical and can be implemented.

Assist in building a society that values each person equally, protects those who are most vulnerable, and creates opportunities for all to realise their full potential.


Cornerstone Values

Act with integrity – We are honest, trustworthy and dependable. Integrity is at the core of all we do – how we conduct ourselves, and how we interact with one another and all of our stakeholders.

Honour commitments – We honour our commitments to our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Strive for excellence – We strive to be the best in all we do, and we meet customer’s expectations to the best of our abilities.

Enjoy our work – We work because work can be fulfilling, exciting and a source of joy. We enjoy our work and gain satisfaction from being part of a team that is making a positive contribution to society. And when it stops being that way, we will change what or how we do things.

Company Co-operative

Cornerstone aims to be the change it wants to see in society. This is reflected in the company’s structure and management, its values, its approach to profits, investment and remuneration, and its social contributions.

We aim to be competitive by managing our time and resources to deliver high quality services, and so provide our customers with value for their money. 

Our Services

Building on the team’s experience across sectors and levels of government, we provide the following support.

Costing of Policy & Legislation

The team has been at the forefront in developing costing methodologies and MS Excel-based costing tools, which enable policymakers to plan implementation with a better understanding of the costs of the targeted outcomes.

Performance & Expenditure Reviews

The team is well-positioned to support PER research, given our experience with policy costing, process mapping, logical frameworks, expenditure analysis, and performance monitoring and evaluation.

Policy Research Development & Advice

Research to advise on policy formulation, and scenario analyses to inform policy options, are key aspects of the work we do. Together, these enable realistic scenario-based planning for implementation. 

Public Finance Management

The team has extensive experience with public finance planning and budgeting processes. We have been involved in advising on the design of budget programmes, local government budget formats, and the design and costing of implementation programmes.

Explore our projects

Cost Analysis - Child protection services, Malawi

This study describes the economic burden of extant levels of violence against children in Malawi, and quantifies the economic cost to Malawi of underinvesting in child protection services in the country. It also describes the current landscape of child protection services and budgeting for child protection services, and presents recommendations for improvement.

Got a research project you’d like to discuss with us?

If you wish to partner with us or enquire after any of our services, please submit your enquiry below and we will contact you at the soonest possible opportunity.

Our Team

Cornerstone is a specialist research company. Its team is highly qualified, and has extensive public sector experience. Our preference is to do most of our work in-house. However, when necessary, we are able to leverage capacity through collaborative agreements with practitioners, researchers, academics and consultants from among our network of contacts.

Conrad Baberton

Senior Economist

Conrad has experience in the design of intergovernmental fiscal processes, public sector finance management, budget presentation design and analysis, the costing of policies, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and the design of governance accountability systems.

Jonathan Carter

Senior Economist

Jonathan has experience in costing policies and legislation, the design of intergovernmental fiscal funding mechanisms, analysing intergovernmental fiscal relations, expenditure analysis and expenditure reviews.

Carmen Abdoll

Senior Economist

Carmen has experience working in public sector finance management and budget analysis in the Southern African region. She specialises in analysing social welfare and education policies, conducting expenditure analyses, and developing costing tools.

Simon Halvey

Senior Economist

Simon is a health and development economist with experience in the economic evaluation of social policy interventions, costing of policies and legislation, and survey research instrument design and is trained in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Lugisani Ragwala


Lugisani has acquired internal audit experience within the public and private sector, reviewing the control environment and testing of key operational controls to ensure that they are functioning effectively. He has also worked on various projects relating to performance evaluation.

Laurel Kriegler

Research Associate and Editor

Laurel runs Kriegler Editing Services, providing editing and proofreading services to businesses, academics and authors. She is passionate about building close relationships with her clients and enabling their writing to reflect excellence, professionalism and creativity. As a trained economist and experienced researcher, Laurel maintains the quality of our reports.